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Electric yellow oil pump is widely used in many large and medium-sized machinery and special grease.But in the process of using, electric yellow oil pump is not immutable, is a big change will happen.So, exactly what will happen, what kind of consequences?Next let small make up to you to introduce it.
The change of the electric yellow oil pump as long as is divided into two kinds.The first kind, is called a chemical change, under the action of high temperature, electric yellow oil pump with oxygen in the air, bad happens.This will result in some lubricating parts made by corrosion, lubrication, protection effect.The second, called physical role in electric yellow oil pump in use process, after the use of time is to lengthen, grease structure change, constantly variation.The concentration and density of the grease in the fall, the lubrication effect will be much less, directly affect the efficiency of electric yellow oil pump.

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