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Current demand of people for the use of electric lubrication pump is higher, because of its novel design, and its appearance is beautiful and easy, and there is in it for the installation, often is easy to operate, and the output pressure is stable, coupled with its low noise, long life and other obvious advantages, so we can satisfy different industries for the practical application and function of mechanical lubrication.
Because electric lubrication pump in the process of design would be appropriate to add some high quality materials and advanced production technology, so it is in accordance with the ISO quality system of production and manufacturing, can let the customer can have the effective progress since the electric lubrication pump tank drainage work, but also can be customized regular sex drainage.
But what is the role of the slide valve of the electric lubrication pump?Because it can make it after the relativity between the valve core and valve body rotation, but also for its on-off relationship between the change, can make it for electric lubrication pump oil flow direction change, and then make it better for the operation.

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