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During the period of hydraulic pump, new operation, electric lubrication pump, should grasp the operation condition check, such as the maintenance parts, screw loosening, whether there is abnormal oil temperature rise, the hydraulic oil is deteriorating quickly, check the conditions of use is in accordance with the regulations, etc.
Pay attention to check the top and bottom oil temperature change status, and find out the oil moderate the relationship between the environment temperature, so can we know whether cooler capacity, oil storage tank capacity and surrounding conditions, conditions of use to cooperate with each other, troubleshooting of the cooling system also have a track record.
Hydraulic pump shall be implemented for a period of time after launch no-load idling (about 10 ~ 30 minutes), especially when the temperature is very low, more subject to temperature process, make the hydraulic circuit loop to add to the normal load, and make sure the operation condition.
Early electric lubrication pump, said the new hydraulic pump abrasion, less susceptible to the influence of air bubbles and dust, or use the poor lubrication condition at high over load etc., can cause adverse consequences, the hydraulic pump is not normal.

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